Spring 2015

Volume 31, Issue 2

NEWS ADDITION 6-13-15: Co-op Looking for 2 New Staff Members

The ideal applicant will have excellent customer service skills and communication abilities. The ability to multi-task and learn about all aspects of the store is a must.

This is a year round job and requires a very detail oriented person. The applicant must be over 21 years old.

You must be able to work any shift, including weekends. Good cash handling skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and dedication are also necessary. Prior knowledge of our products and services is helpful but not required – we will train you.

Applications at front counter. Please apply in person (no phone calls or email.)

Position available for a motivated, energetic person.

Must be available afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Duties will include cleaning, stocking, inventory, and general customer service. Must be over 18 years old.

Applications at front counter. Please apply in person at 21 W 4th Street, 98855 (no phone calls or email.)

New and Noteworthy at the Co-op

It’s finally feeling like spring in the Okanogan – the valley is bursting with flowers and the Highlands are awash with the colorful wildflowers and green grass.

The Co-op has completed our Face-Lift Project, which has been in the process since last fall. The entire front window area has been refurbished and our new awnings are in place. The entry area of the Co-op is what new shoppers see first and it is important to give a good initial impression. Thanks again to The Okanogan Family Faire and all the generous members and friends who donate to the Co-op Improvement Fund!

We would like to welcome three new Co-op employees: Elizabeth Coates, Michelle Laurent and Kevin Fisher. Some long-time Co-op members may know that Elizabeth’s grandmother, Liz Nelson, was often seen at the till about 15 years ago-- and Susan, her mother, was our Deli Manager for over eight years. Michelle’s family have been Co-op members for many years, as well, and she volunteered as a teenager. Kevin is the nephew of past Co-op staffers Gloria and Teresa Dugas.

For many years, off and on, the Co-op has sponsored local youth sports teams. Currently there are no elementary sports teams funded by the school district, and even the High School teams need extra funding. This year we are sponsoring both the High School baseball team and one of the Tonasket Youth Soccer teams.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage our shoppers to give more thought on their bag usage. The store provides bags for our shopping needs. Making products available in bulk gives us the unique need to provide more bags for customers than the typical food store. In some states, and even in some WA State counties, shoppers are being charged extra for bags. This is an environmental issue as well as a financial issue – the ecological impact and wastefulness is destroying our planet!

California has banned the use of single-use plastic bags at large retail stores and many other states are banning and limiting usage as well. We accept those types of bags for customers to reuse, but we purchase the produce, paper and plastic bags that customers use. It’s perfectly understandable that shoppers do not want to reuse somebody else’s bag for their food. But we all can be mindful of how much we use. Aside from the waste, the financial considerations are important. Paper bags cost between .04¢ and 5¢. Plastic bags, which probably take somewhere between 500-1000 years to break down, cost about .01¢ each. Most likely, we can all think of ways to conserve. Buy a Chico Bag, a reusable bag for between $5.95 - $7.50 and keep it handy for shopping. We can bring our reused produce bags from home or just put all our veggies in the same bag while shopping, and then re-bag when we get home. We can save the store a little money and have a smaller impact on the planet!

The Heart of The Highland’s Seed Stand is back for the spring – look for your locally grown and mostly heirloom seeds, supplied by long-standing Co-op member Mariah Cornwoman.

The newly installed awning will help the Co-op stay cool in the summer and give patrons shelter from the elements.
-photo by Deb Vester

Thank You! to the Okanogan Family Faire for the Grant Funding that helped to replace the Store’s Front Windows and to Purchase our New Awnings!

6th Annual Conscious Culture Festival

~Submitted by DJ Sticky

Okanogan Highlands Productions, Stonelove Rocks, & Little Shop of Yoga present the 6th annual Conscious Culture Festival June 19-21, 2015 (at The Barter Fair Site)

Conscious Culture Festival (CCF) announces specially priced tickets for locals and additions to the music line up!

Tickets are available now at a special reduced price for locals. You can pick them up at the Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op, at the Twisp River Pub or at Main Street Market in Omak for only $45 for a weekend pass. You can also get the same price by using promo code: “local” at http://ccf2015.bpt.me

We have a couple special announcements in regards to our 2015 lineup:

(Northern California)
We are proud to announce that the lovely and talented J Ross Parrelli is coming back to MC our Stonelove Mainstage at Conscious Culture Festival. It's been a big year for Miss Parrelli. She signed to a major label (Universal Records) and traveled around the nation spreading both her music and her unique Hip Hop inspired curriculum to young people across our country. As stated by her most recent biography, the program she developed is “now being piloted with youth everywhere; in schools, after school music programs, foster youth gatherings and on Native Reservations."

J Ross Parrelli will also be expanding her role as entertainer this year, moving into the position of main featured artist. We will soon be announcing a certain critically acclaimed Seattle band, that played Sasquatch this year and is currently booked at Capitol Hill Block Party. J Ross will be collaborating with this revered act and others bands over the weekend, given her unparalleled versatility and openness as improviser and songwriter. Few musicians today move so seamlessly through such ripe fields as Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, and community activism. Parelli is CCF’s triple threat: MC, performing artist, and activist.

(Vancouver, Canada)
In our quest to reach across national borders with our positive message of hope and sustainability, we have partnered with an exceptional Canadian artist. This June, Vancouver, BC's own Drew Rouse will be performing for the first time at CCF. As it’s perfectly stated on Drew’s website (drewrouse.com): "Drew crafts his songs, not to perpetuate thoughtless escapism, but rather to fortify thoughtful, independent thinking with lyrics that prompt us to maintain and assert our freedoms while urging us to protect our future generations." In the tradition of our spirit of showcasing well rounded human being and artists, Drew Rouse is also yoga teacher and has taught for over 12 years.

The workshop area at the Yoga Center is expanding this year. There will be a variety of Yoga classes, Tai Chi, hand drumming, hoop making, crystals, Kirtan, and Fertility Awareness just to name a few.

Check our website and our CCF Facebook page for more info and schedules.

A Gardening Volunteer is needed to help keep our Little Gazebo Garden Area weeded and tidy! Please talk to Alice or Julie if you can help. Volunteers receive discounts on many store products!

Tonasket Food Bank Needs Helpers on Thursday Mornings

The Tonasket Food Bank would like to try and recruit some more community involvement. For a long time members of the local churches were the ones who helped distribute food on Thursday mornings, with each church responsible for one month of the year. In the past, the Community Cultural Center was in charge of the month of May, and is now going to resume taking responsibility for that month.

The Thursday morning job begins at around 8:30 and is over generally around 11:00. The tasks are basically either passing out the food donations or helping people to their cars with their bags and boxes. All serving is over at 11:00 and then the facility is cleaned up. It’s a very simple and relatively fun job!

The needs are:
1-2 people for Thursday, May 7th
1-2 people for May 14th
3-4 people for May 21st
and 1-2 people for May 28th.

Also needed, will be a group of people who can help unload supplies from a truck on Friday, May 19th at 8:45am. This job usually takes 30-45 minutes, depending on how many people show up.

The contact person for this undertaking is Cilla DeGraff. She can be emailed at: cilladegraff@hotmail.com or call the CCC at 486-1328 and leave her a message.

The Tonasket Natural Food Co-op has been donating $50 each month to our town’s Food Bank for many years

Member Appreciation Day is the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Members may bulk-order from the UNFI Catalog at 15% above wholesale.
Stock up now!

Cornucopia’s Linley Dixon on Yogurt, Organics and Chemical Defoamers

Dr. David Naimon recently interviewed Dr. Linley Dixon, Farm and Food Policy Analyst, on Cornucopia’s newest report Culture Wars: How the Food Giants turned Yogurt, a Health Food, into Junk Food.

The half-hour interview covers some of the most interesting aspects of the report. Dixon explains that although organic yogurts seldom carry the “live and active cultures” label, they often contain more live and active cultures than the yogurts bearing the seal. Dixon further notes that due to requirements for grassfeeding in organic dairy, organic yogurt typically has a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.

Conventional yogurt often contains residue from processing agents, including chemical defoamers, which do not need to be listed in ingredients. Chemical defoamers are not allowed in organics.

Drs. Naimon and Dixon also discussed the possible effects of artificial sweeteners and antibiotics on the gut microbiota, including unexpected weight gain. Antibiotics assist with weight gain in livestock, and the low levels of antibiotics found in conventional dairy have been found to have the same effect on humans. Dixon explained that artificial sweeteners likewise act as antimicrobials in the gut, promoting weight gain although they have no caloric value.

Look for the SALES throughout the Co-op, displayed with white shelf tags below the items.

Current Tonasket Co-op Members receive special discounts on these products.

Some are one-time deals, some are monthly sales, and others are introductory promotions.
Price tags show member prices and non-member prices, with the sales being for our Co-op Members only.

32nd Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace-- Sunday, May 10th

-Submitted by Joseph and Dorinda Enzensperger

On Sunday May 10th, Mother’s Day, citizens, mothers, families, friends and peace makers from Washington state and British Columbia, will meet at the Oroville/Osoyoos International Border to share our truths, songs and messages of Peace and Justice from 2-4pm. at this annual event. U.S. walkers leave the Oroville Library at noon for the two hour, 4.5 mile walk up the west shoulder of N. Hwy 97 to the border ceremony, carrying banners, placards and prayers for peace. We will fly peace doves and rainbow streamers, walking with strollers, buggies, red wagons and people of all ages. If you are a U.S. participant and can’t walk to the border, you can park at Super Duper/Texaco’s south parking lot or in the 6-8 spaces at U.S. port of entry. Canadian peace makers, including a large contingent from the Doukhobor communities of western Canada, will walk from Haynes Point Park 1.5 miles north of the border, or arrive by bus at the border.

Mother’s Day has been celebrated as a day of peace since 1877 when Julia Ward Howe, a suffragette, organized women, many who had lost husbands and sons in the tragedy of our civil war, to march in protest to all wars. In that spirit we met 30 years ago to protest the new weapon being developed and tested by Boeing in 1983, the “pilotless cruise missile”, which we clearly identified as a first strike, offensive weapon. We have been “waging peace” every Mother’s Day since. Today, we are one of the oldest ongoing annual peace events in the country. Ten years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have left us financially bankrupt, thousands of our own precious sons and daughters have been lost and many tens of thousands are deeply wounded both physically and mentally. How long until the people say “Enough of this Madness?” How many innocents must die before we put an end to war and work for the betterment of our green planet and all humanity.

We live on a small fragile planet and we face huge problems, global climate change, dying oceans, crashing economies, looming shortages and social injustice. War is not the answer and never has been. Come and join us for an uplifting and meaningful gathering, celebrating a dream of peace that brings us hope for our future as we move forward together. For information contact Joseph and Dorinda Enzensperger, 509-476-4072, jgenz4@gmail.com.

Co-op Board of Directors meets on the THIRD MONDAY of each month, at 6:00 pm . in the North Valley Hospital Board Room in Tonasket, at 126 S Whitcomb, in the Administration Building. (subject to change)


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