May 2013

Volume 29, Issue 5

The FireStarter

pepperjack & cheddar cheeses, with sliced avocado and black olives, grilled on a Telera roll

News From Your Co-op

Local produce is coming to the Co-op this month! Beginning first week of May we will begin stocking 8th Street Greens salad mixes and Iris Rock Farm chard, bok choy and spinach. More local produce will become available as the season progresses, providing a great variety of our local farmers’ wares.

There are also some exciting new items in the grocery department, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips, which are all natural, vegan, raw and gluten-free. They come in different flavors and are delicious! Also enjoy Field Day organic peanut butter, in 18-oz jars--comes in creamy, crunchy salted and unsalted – very yummy!

The Co-op is offering a scholarship for students from Co-op member families. The application is available at the store and on the Tonasket High School Counseling website. The deadline is May 28th and applications need to be delivered or mailed to the store.

Our beautiful little garden is a delightful place to spend a bit of time during the summer. We love it and appreciate all the hard work our gardener, Jessica McNamara has devoted to keeping it beautiful. She has been tending to the garden for as long as anybody can remember, and now she’s looking for some help with it. Let one of the store managers know if you are interested in lending a hand. Our volunteers receive a discount on many of their purchases.

The Co-op is a sponsor of the 4th Annual Conscious Culture Festival, which will be June 21-23 this year. Advance tickets are available at the store now. If purchased before June 1st, tickets for the three days are $45. If purchased after June 1st, the price is $50 and at the door, $55. The festival is held at the Barter Faire site, 12 miles east of Tonasket. For more information check the website at

Finally, there are open seats on the Board of Directors. Applications are available at the store; please speak with store managers Alice Simon or Julie Greenwood.

Remember to look for the SALES throughout the Co-op, displayed with white shelf tags below the items.

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Roundup Could Be Linked To Parkinson's, Cancer And Other Health Issues, Study Shows

source: The Huffington Post

April 25 (Reuters) - Heavy use of the world's most popular herbicide, Roundup, could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases, including Parkinson's, infertility and cancers, according to a new study.

The peer-reviewed report, published last week in the scientific journal Entropy, said evidence indicates that residues of "glyphosate," the chief ingredient in Roundup weed killer, which is sprayed over millions of acres of crops, have been found in food.

Those residues enhance the damaging effects of other food-borne chemical residues and toxins in the environment to disrupt normal body functions and induce disease, according to the report, authored by Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Anthony Samsel, a retired science consultant from Arthur D. Little, Inc. Samsel is a former private environmental government contractor as well as a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"Negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body," the study says.

We "have hit upon something very important that needs to be taken seriously and further investigated," Seneff said.

Environmentalists, consumer groups and plant scientists from several countries have warned that heavy use of glyphosate is causing problems for plants, people and animals.

The EPA is conducting a standard registration review of glyphosate and has set a deadline of 2015 for determining if glyphosate use should be limited. The study is among many comments submitted to the agency.

Monsanto is the developer of both Roundup herbicide and a suite of crops that are genetically altered to withstand being sprayed with the Roundup weed killer.

These biotech crops, including corn, soybeans, canola and sugar beets, are planted on millions of acres in the United States annually. Farmers like them because they can spray Roundup weed killer directly on the crops to kill weeds in the fields without harming the crops.

Roundup is also popularly used on lawns, gardens and golf courses.

Monsanto and other leading industry experts have said for years that glyphosate is proven safe, and has a less damaging impact on the environment than other commonly used chemicals.

Jerry Steiner, Monsanto's executive vice president of sustainability, reiterated that in a recent interview when questioned about the study.

"We are very confident in the long track record that glyphosate has. It has been very, very extensively studied," he said.

Of the more than two dozen top herbicides on the market, glyphosate is the most popular. In 2007, as much as 185 million pounds of glyphosate was used by U.S. farmers, double the amount used six years ago, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data.

Member Appreciation Day is the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Members may bulk-order from the UNFI Catalog at 15% above wholesale.

Bentonite Colon Cleanse – Spring cleaning for your body!

-- To your good health, River

Effective colon cleansing is essential for the maintenance of vibrant health. It achieves a number of goals:

A good general goal is to do some form of colon cleansing twice a year, each spring and fall. It is a wonderful way to honor and care for your body in keeping with the rhythms of our mother earth.

Bentonite clay
Liquid chlorophyll
Concentrated aloe vera juice
Psyllium hulls/husks
Organic apple juice or other non-citrus juice
Purified water
16-oz jar or larger, with a tight fitting lid

The Co-op carries everything you need to do this cleanse!

Mix bentonite clay with enough water to make a pasty consistency without many lumps. This can take a while, and it’s easiest and much more efficient if you make one batch of it that will last for the approximate length of your cleanse, rather than trying to make a little of it every morning. Keep this hydrated bentonite clay covered between uses so it doesn’t dry out.

Mix six ounces of the fruit juice with six ounces of purified water for a total of twelve ounces of fluid. Add to this one-tablespoon each of aloe juice concentrate, psyllium hulls, liquid chlorophyll and the hydrated bentonite. Cover the jar, and shake this mixture well, making sure the bentonite is well dissolved. You might need to smoosh the clay against the sides of the jar a few times to help break it apart sufficiently. It is important to drink the solution within five minutes or else it will begin to thicken into a pudding while still in the glass. The goal is to have it thicken into a nice pudding while in your intestinal tract.

It’s best to take this colon cleanse drink on an empty stomach a half an hour or more before breakfast. The bentonite will tend to absorb anything in the intestines, so don’t take supplements at the same time because they will not be well assimilated.

While on the cleanse, it’s a good idea to stop drinking coffee and alcohol so your body can better focus its energies on cleansing. It is also important to drink at least ten eight-ounce glasses of purified water a day to help flush out the colon. You should be having a minimum of one bowel movement per day on the cleanse. If need be, you can take a mild laxative at bedtime to keep everything moving along.

Do this cleanse every morning for at least twelve days, though three to four weeks is optimal. It’s a good idea to take a probiotic supplement each evening with dinner or before bed because the cleanse moves everything out of the colon including beneficial bacteria. This can also be accomplished with a plain (non-sweetened) yogurt or kefir. While on this cleanse eat an abundance of raw foods that are rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber that all enhance cleansing in addition to repairing strengthening and building tissue.

This colon cleanse is gentle, safe and very effective. A blood cleansing tea or a liver cleanser can be taken several times a day to enhance the overall detoxification process. This cleanse comes from The Path of Empowerment by Barbara Marciniak. Another excellent book is The Liver-Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot. It has an effective and easy 8-week liver cleanse program, and also includes 12 basic principles for keeping the liver healthy and strong.

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The 10th Annual PEACE FESTIVAL will be
Saturday, May 11th, from 2 pm - 9:30 pm
at the Community Cultural Center, 411 Western Avenue, Tonasket
Contact Rick and Jeré at 485-3844 or email for more information

30th Annual Mothers' Day Walk for Peace--May 12

Submitted by Joseph and Dorinda It is hard to believe we’ve been walking for peace 30 years now. Many have participated over the years, the children once in wagons have children of their own, and many impassioned speakers for peace, like our own Roger Lorenz and the Doukhobor’s John Verigan, have passed on, knowing we would carry on. You never win an absolute victory by waging peace, rather you express the truth you know, define the high ground and stand in solidarity with others believing “War is not the answer” and never has been.

Our misguided adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia have inflamed the anti-U.S. sentiment throughout the region leaving us less safe. We are suffering here at home from war’s injury and death, and the economic losses, with few hopes for the future.

We want our country back, an end to the Patriot Act and the War on Terror. We agree with those who say we must do more. If you feel like making this year our biggest U.S. turn-out in years, pick your issue and fit it on a sign, and bring it to our event. Walk or drive if your body is too old to make the trek, like ours. Bring some enthusiastic younger peacemakers so this can carry on when we are gone. “If you don’t use it you will lose it!”

What we do at the border ceremony is really remarkable in these times of security concerns. The Doukhobors and Canadian peacemakers continue to show strong support. How can we say no to this joining of these hands of Peace?

Join us on Mother's Day and bring the family. If you are walking, we leave the Oroville Library at 12pm and walk the 4.5 miles in about two hours. The border program is two hours of poetry, education, music and spiritual invocation lasting 2 hours. Bring lunch, snacks, water and shade, hats and umbrellas. A shuttle is available, with parking ¼ mile south of border at Super Duper/Texaco. There is limited parking (10 spaces) on the US side.

Peace is Possible but it will take effort. Contact Joseph and Dorinda 476-4072 / -or- Rick and Jeré 485-3844 /

Co-op Board of Directors meets at the Community Cultural Center on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning at 5:30pm (subject to change)


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