Winter 2011

Volume 27, Issue 1

The FireStarter

News from the Store

~by Alice Simon, Store Manager

Where does the time go? It’s already the holiday season with snow sure to arrive soon! While you are in the store check out our expanded gift selection along with a great array of calendars and boxed holiday cards.

Have you noticed the beautiful work done by Bob and Jane Thompson along with many energetic volunteers outside the Garden Room? What was a drainage nightmare has been turned into a wonderful completion to the entire garden area. Over the summer we replaced the Garden Room gutter with a new seamless gutter which will also help with some of the flooding we used to experience. Additionally the shingles were recoated with a weather-resistant finish.

As you may have noticed a few weeks ago we were vandalized on the outside of the building. Black spray paint is just not attractive! No suspects have been discovered as of this date. We can report that a product called Graffitti Remover works very well!

We have many items on our “to do/wish list” and we are now in discussion to replace the produce case. Among other items on the list are floor replacement, awnings for the front of the store (this would allow us to remove the sun-block film on the windows), a new wood stove or other heating source, a new front counter, and a POS system. All improvements to the store help to keep the business thriving and growing. If you would like to help realize these goals you may contribute to the Improvement Fund at any time. There is a handy jar at the front counter.

Effective in January current members will have a “Member Appreciation Day” on the third Tuesday of each month. You will be able to order bulk items from UNFI on the third Tuesday of each month at a 15 % above cost rate on that day only. The regular 20% rate for members will apply at all other times and for all other companies. ( Please note: Items from specialty companies and some of the other small companies we use may have a different rate applied. )

We have been very fortunate this year as sales have been increasing each month over the previous year and our membership is growing! We have added over 160 new members so far this year and over 130 members have renewed their membership. We welcome and appreciate all of you!

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Just a reminder: The Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op has a web site with an online 'cork board'. You may place ads for any of your needs there at no charge. Use the bulletin board for buying, selling, renting, sharing, and events. Feel free to browse at

Thanks for Using the Suggestion Jar

~by Julie Greenwood, Assistant Manager

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite energy bar or body lotion? It got discontinued sometimes by the manufacturer or distributor and sometimes by the Co-op. Why?

Generally, items are discontinued because they aren't selling well enough to continue carrying them. That applies to the Co-op, the manufacturer, or the distributor. The bigger companies do it because of the financial bottom line--and so does the Co-op, to some extent.

However, since we are such a small store in such a remote area, we realize the importance of carrying some slow selling items because it is important, and sometimes essential, to our members and customers. However, if we continue to mark down or discard the product because it hasn't sold before its expiration date, it makes it very hard to justify the loss. We hope you understand and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Some products can be special or bulk ordered. Of course "bulk" does mean a bulk amount, and that might mean 12 jars or one pound of herbs! Please talk to a cashier or manager. We will help if we can. Thank you.

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