February-March 2010

Volume 26, Issue 1
The FireStarter

Doin’ the Walls!

~by Mary Vaughn

Well, the roof leaks... while we wait for the weather to dry, we are exploring quotes and what exactly needs to be done for both the roof and the ceiling. In the meantime, we are in the process of painting the walls in the main room of the Co-op. Get ready! We are taking down the old rough sawn wood! There is good plaster behind it (we hope), and a coat of paint will give the Co-op a cleaner, lighter feel, befitting our cleaner, lighter selves!

Some initial painting on the west wall has already occurred, but much remains to be done. We would love to see volunteers from amongst our Co-op members. Work parties are scheduled for Sunday March 7th and every following Sunday until the painting is complete. For further information on this project, contact Mary Vaughn (leave a note at the Co-op or call 556-2679). We hope to paint the walls and repaint the trim, finishing the overall redo of the store before Spring.

It would be great to repaint the trim on the outside too, and, how about painting the big outside west brick wall, now that the ivy is down? What color?! (Someone suggested a light color and we can show outside movies on it!) Keep an eye out for work parties scheduled over the few months, generally in the evening after the store is closed. This is a fun (and interesting) project. Bring snacks and music and we’ll party while we work!

By the way, wasn’t it great having a sidewalk in the Greenspace this winter! Thanks again to the crew who made that happen! We are looking for suggestions and workers to finish landscaping the area around the Garden Room-so please let the Management or Board know if you are interested.

Members as always are urged and invited to join committees to plan these projects. Come to Board meetings for information (on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM at the North Valley Hospital Board Room.

New Product News

~by Alice Simon, Manager

Healthy Dairy
We are now carrying lightly pasteurized, non-homogenized milk from Spokane Family Farms. This is minimally processed milk from a family farm. It is available in full and half gallons. More info is available at the front counter of the Co-op.

Local Lamb
Another great addition is local American Lamb from Liz and Joe Phares at Walking Water Ranch here in Tonasket. We have a variety of cuts and special orders are available.

Derma – E Skincare Products
We have been carrying Derma-E skincare products for several months and have several devoted customers. This is an excellent line of natural skincare products for all types of skin. If you find yourself with sun or time damaged skin these products can help you restore a youthful glow and softness to your skin and help prevent further damage. Admittedly they are a bit pricey but they work!!! These products can help young skin stay that way and help the more mature skin rebound. Samples are available for many of the products. If you need assistance or would like to special order a Derma- E product not currently carried please see Heather or Alice.

Dr Oetker Puddings
If you are looking for a quick and easy dessert with no artificial ingredients, and organic as well, try these pudding mixes. Just add milk (any kind) or cream and in no time its dessert! As Julie says, the Crème Brule is extra yummy! Other yummy flavors include vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and mocha. Butterscotch and banana are also available and may show up on the shelves later.

Beer & Wine
As you know the Co-op finally obtained its beer & wine license and began retailing it in October. We want to carry beer and wine that you want to buy so please let us know if we can bring in your favorites!


Deli window open 11-2 Monday through Saturday
For fast service, call between 9 and 1 to have your lunch ready for pick-up anytime after 11

* * * NEW MENU items * * *

Sandwiches made to order or grab & go from the refrigerated case.

Panini Sandwiches, Specialty Sandwiches on Dave’s Killer Organic Bread, Delicious salads, and more…

Hot Entrees Mon-Fri Hot Soup Mon-Sat Homemade baked goods daily

We use all natural ingredients – organic when possible – to create delicious and good-for-you food!

Moving in to 2010 Stronger!

~by Mary Vaughn

According to the initial figures for year end 2009, the Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op continues to improve, both in financial stability and in product. The Board of Directors and Membership thank and applaud the hard work that it has taken to move the Co-op from fragile financial standing to a more solid growing business, holding its own in hard times.

This is in large part due to our wise manager, Alice Simon, who has invested a large chunk of her life toward helping our store thrive. She has been well-supported by our creative, intelligent, energetic and helpful staff; together they have become quite a team.

Not that the Co-op is making money hand over fist, but we are current on bills. Of course there are plenty of places for extra funds to go: to products in the store, to the store building itself (see the article above on the roof/ceiling/walls), and best of all, to reward our hardworking management and staff, most of whom donate their own time and energy toward the Co-op you know and love. Thank you to Alice, Julie, all the Co-op staff, and Volunteers!!!!

Changes in 2009

~by Alice Simon, Manager

2009 was an exciting year at the store. We would like to thank the many volunteers who selflessly devoted time and materials to help the store improve in many ways. In no particular order here is a list of the many helping hands in 2009. Apologies to anyone not listed!

We applaud Peter James, Rob Thompson, Danny Vaughn, Sandy Gleason, Gary Davis, Sun Dog, Bob Thomas, Mary Vaughn, Greg McGriff, Jere & Marion Shaub, Barb Milner, Rhonda Robinette, Patti & Sean Maher, Jane & Bob Thompson, Doug Collins, Peggy & Jim Wells, Lyman & Pam Skow, Michael Simon, Loreen Felstet, Laura O’Brady, River Jones, Janet Culp, Treebeard, Judy Linetti, Susan Smith, Ossita, Dave Kleigman, Phil Baker, Jessica McNamara, Richelle Geddes, Kayla Plakos, Chelsea Hull, Amanda Shaub, Melanie Thornton, Thom Spiedel, Raina Skye, Spurlin, Adam Foster, Mikkel, and many more folks who always have a hand to lend when needed.

We gained a new freezer, a new beer and wine refrigerator, a new stove, a sandwich unit for the deli, new signs, a new ice cream freezer, new sidewalks in the garden, and new retail space where the old cooler used to be. All of these things have helped to make the store more up to date and functional.

Despite these many improvements, we still have many goals for 2010. We have a real need for roof repair as we have several leaks that crop up from time to time. It would be great to address this issue before we have serious water damage (see related article above). We also need new flooring throughout the store. The existing flooring has many cracked and broken tiles and has become quite worn over the years. The current estimates to replace it are several thousand dollars of expense to install a durable good looking floor to last for the next generation.

Additionally we still would like to switch over to a POS (point of sale) system, which would provide us with better data and tracking of items, sales, membership, etc. This is also several thousand dollars but the right system could make a huge difference in the overall operation of the store. Other projects include replacing the ceiling tiles with an enormous stack of new tiles donated by John Jones, and painting the walls.

We would love to have some volunteers for these projects. If you are willing to help please, let a manager or board member know ASAP. These last two items are winter projects, to be completed before the good weather comes back.

Co-op Sponsors Movie Nights at CCC

~by Alice Simon, Manager

The Co-op will be sponsoring three movies nights: