January 2009

Volume 25, Issue 1

The FireStarter

CO-OP Board Members Needed

Contact Jere Shaub at if you are interested in being on the Board.

The Co-op is Having an Auction on March 7th!

The Co-op Management and Board have set a goal of raising $10,000 this year toward store needs, (needs are abundant!) outside of what may be granted by the Okanogan Family Faire. While the Board is exploring fundraising in a variety of ways, our first auction in years is a very exciting beginning! Promising a grand variety of items, from small to large, local to out-of-town getaways, baskets of indulgent Co-op items to spring plants and cleanup support!

Doors open at 4:30; a Lasagna Dinner with trimmings by Judy Linette from 5:00-6:30, Silent Auction from 5-6:00 and Live Auction from 7-8:30pm. There will be music, lavish desserts and a pleasant evening to be had by all--all while you have the opportunity to support our Co-op!

The Old Cooler is Going!

Plans are in place to remove the ‘Old Cooler” on January 20th (is there a connection? cleaning out the old with the incoming new Administration...Yea-let’s go for CHANGE!). After the Cooler is removed, the floor and ceiling will be finished, and we will see what we have to work with.

There is a Design Committee more than happy to hear what you have to say about what happens next--we know you all have opinions! Let Alice, or Julie know, or contact Mary Vaughn 486-4423, or Rob Thompson 486-1061 with your suggestions.

How Important is the Deli ?

In discussing the Expansion, and hopefully remodeling the kitchen, the question of keeping the Deli came up, again. Many of you are probably unaware that the Deli operates at at deficit, (Ed: no fault to the Management!), so there have been a few moments when closing it has been considered.

Not for long, as it seems that the Membership wants the Deli. Soups, sandwiches, salads, hot entrees and, of course, fresh baked goodies, are all things we like to have as part of the Co-op; we still dream of the day when the Co-op can provide more bakery goods.

So, while it was necessary to raise some prices (the previous charge did not actually cover the cost of the product; prices are still comparable to all but the fast food chains), reducing some Deli staff hours, and redesigning the menu have all been efforts to make the Deli more profitable.

While all these changes are exciting and helpful, the most important is thing is: the Deli needs more customers! In the coming weeks you will see increased marketing here and in Oroville. But nothing is more effective than word of mouth in small towns.

You Members can help out by encouraging people to use the Deli, for lunch in our Garden Room or take-out. What the Co-op offers, that is not available anywhere else in the north county, is food made with the standard of all natural and /or organic ingredients, using local products when available.

You can trust what you are eating! And it is as fast as Subway! So think of it next time you are hungry or in a hurry, and spread the word. The more we use it, the more it can grow!

Community Directory
We’re establishing a Directory for the Manager to use for little needs, like office supplies, or tools, or whatever.... If you have a skill or an abundance of something the Co-op might need, let us know so you can be included in the Directory. Contact Marion Shaub at 486-1350

In the Spirit of Giving

Patrons of the Co-op gave a total of $82 to the Tonasket Tavern for their free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. It was very much appreciated, as was the hands-on help provided by Co-op Members, Staff and the Board.

The dinners were well-organized and wonderful events, with great food, fun, music and a wide range of people in and out. Even Santa was there for Christmas, giving out gifts to children of all ages.

The Tavern broke a record this year with the number of people served: 200 adults and 35 children at Thanksgiving, and over 300 for Christmas dinner. If you were unaware, the Tavern provides these dinners every year, “...so no one is alone,” says Debby Curren, co-owner with Carleen Cochran, of the Tavern. The Co-op was happy to support such a worthwhile and heartwarming event.

January 24th - 10:00 am.

Well, this will be interesting. We will do our best to make it a fun event with good food and loud music! Come see (and take) vintage Co-op signs and things. Let’s return the Basement to a useable space instead of the scary dumping ground it has become!


At the last Design Committee meeting, as we planned for the removal of the Old Cooler, the idea of moving the kitchen came up again. This would allow for a more efficient layout, move bathroom traffic away from the kitchen, as well as bring the kitchen/deli out in more public and accessible view.

The Board is exploring a grant that could provide funds for the project, although we would still need skillful hands to make it happen. Whaddayathink? It’s the old “if you’re gonna do it, you outta do it right” thing. But, IS it the right thing to do?

Rough sketches will be available on the bulletin board. Once again, we’d love your feedback to Alice, Julie, Mary Vaughn or Rob Thompson.

Anyone have a good dishwasher, or music system they’d like to donate to the Co-op--actually, an amplifier would be good enough for now....

That there’s Mercury in compact fluorescent lightbulbs? Yup. Not much, but it’s there. So lets not put this poison in our landfill/water table! It’s easy -–just drop them off at Home Depot and they will recycle them–Hooray!

Here’s just PART of the Deli’s new mouth-watering menu!

There are also 5 great new SALADS! Call ahead–Ask for the Deli--Your sandwich will be ready when you are! Call-in hours: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Pick up any time after 11:00am.

PANINI SANDWICHES Grilled on foccacia bread

1. Turkey, Fontina cheese, roasted red bell peppers, & special panini sauce
2. Roast Beef, Brie, sautéed mushrooms, & special panini sauce
3. Ham, Havarti cheese, pineapple, & special panini sauce
4. Mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, & pesto dressing

SPECIALTY SANDWICHES Served on Dave’s Organic Bread

SALMON CREAM CHEESE: Cream cheese, smoked salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mayo

CREAM CHEESE & BLACK OLIVE with: sunflower seeds, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce & mayo

TLT: Marinated baked tempeh, tomatoes, lettuce, & mayo

TEMPEH REUBEN: Marinated baked tempeh, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, mayo & horseradish

CAJUN TOFU: Marinated baked spicy tofu, tomatoes, lettuce, & mayo

PESTO PROVOLONE: Provolone cheese, black olives, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce & pesto dressing

GARDENBURGER: Sprouted grain bun, dill pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo & mustard.

HUMMUS: Co-op’s own fresh organic hummus, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, & lettuce. Vegan.

TUNA MELT: Tuna salad, tomatoes, & Swiss cheese.

GRILLED HAM & SWISS: Ham, Swiss, tomatoes, mustard.

GRILLED CHEESE: Your choice of Provolone, Swiss, Havarti, Pepperjack, or Fontina

CHICKEN PESTO: Marinated baked chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, & pesto dressing

BAGELS: with cream cheese OR with cream cheese & salmon.

Don’t forget to check out the new Salads! See the full Deli Menu anytime online.


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