October 2008

Volume 24, Issue 6

The FireStarter

From The Board of Directors:

~Reported by Jere Shaub, Board Chair

Good news--Julie Greenwood has agreed to be the Co-op’s Assistant Manger! We are so pleased that we will be seeing her smiling face and great energy in the Co-op again. Thanks, Julie.

The Board has been meeting twice a month since Spring, but is now going back to the once-a month plan. Starting in November, we will be meeting on the 18th, and will continue to meet on the third Tuesday of each month.

Barb Millner was elected Secretary at the Sept. 18 meeting, replacing Laura O’Brady who stepped down due to family responsibilities.

Gene Delys was elected Treasurer at the October 7 meeting, replacing Loreen Felstet, who had been filling the position on a temporary basis.

Revised Grievance Policies for staff & management were passed in September. These new policies are complete and detailed and give staff clear direction and instructions for filing and carrying through a grievance.

The Board passed an Amendment to the staff’s Personnel Policies at its September 4 meeting. This amendment advises staff of their rights and responsibilities if they have problems or complaints about a volunteer, Board member, or Co-op Member.

The Board also created and passed a Board Policy for complaints, issues or concerns from Co-op members about the store, its management, or the Board of Directors. For your information, we have included this Policy later in this issue of The FireStarter.

With these 3 policies in place, we hope and believe all contingencies have been covered for complaints or problems to or from any of the four entities that make up our Co-op community--the Staff, the Management, the Board, and the Membership.

Jere and Marion Shaub attended recent meetings of the Okanogan County Tourism Council and the Tonasket Chamber of Commerce, and joined these organizations on behalf of the Board.

Inventory was held on September 28 with about 15 people attending. It went fast and a good time was had by all, with Alice and Julie supervising and advising. Alice will have a report for us at the late October meeting.

Store News

~Alice Simon, Manager

SALADS! We have started serving salads–check them out! More varieties to come soon. Our new clamshell containers allow us to make 2 sizes of pre-made salads available for you in the cooler.

CONTAINERS: There are new containers for hot soups, so the cashier can tell soup from coffee at a glance–a little time-saver for you at the check-out counter. Also some that will allow you to take your hot foods out of the store without spilling and leaking. All are eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable in landfills–these are the most eco-friendly containers available in the food service industry.

SIGNS: We’ve been getting lots of positive feedback on the new metal signs for the deli, coffee, lunch entree & soup area, and new product shelf. Not to mention the bright and beautiful sidewalk sign out front, a real eye-stopper!

NEW STUFF: Interested in new and interesting products? Be sure to check out the New Products and Sale Items shelves on the end of the center rack facing you when you come into the store, just behind the cash register island. Lots of goodies here.

Speaking of “New Products,” you may want to try FAGE (pronounced “Fay yee”) that has 2% fat or less and 20 grams of protein in l cup, that is absolutely delicious (according to some frequent co-op shoppers). It also comes packaged with a little honey.

Both the Chronicle and the Gazette printed articles in the last couple of weeks announcing the Co-op’s new management. We hope you saw these fine articles.

VOLUNTEERS: Many cleaning projects are on the “To Do List” and volunteers are very welcome to help with these.

THE FAIRE: The store was fully stocked and ready to go for the Okanogan Family Faire--we planned to be the “must stop” place for Faire goers!


~Approved at the Board of Director’s Meeting on September 4, 2008

COMPLAINTS, ISSUES OR CONCERNS FROM CO-OP MEMBERS about the store, its management, or the Board of Directors


The Co-op’s Vision Statement:

OUR VISION is for the Co-op to be:

Saturday, October 25 – Lets meet at the Co-op at 9 a.m. and do another bang-up job like we did last spring. We were so efficient the sheriff’s crew of inmates evidently complained that there was nothing to do! AND we had a good time–come join us!


Now that the Farmer’s Market season is coming to an end, you may be interested in another source for produce. This site promotes the free exchange of food wanted or food for sale/barter. Go to http://www.sharedharvest.net/okanogan_county

Next time you are at the Co-op, stop by next door to check out the EVOLUTION FITNESS CENTER. This is a great facility and very responsive to the needs and requests of its members. They have lots of good machines and a variety of programs going on. This looks like a fun place to get into better shape.

DID YOU KNOW This Extremely Impressive Fact? The Co-op carries twenty-four (Yes, 24!) different varieties of bulk Pasta! Plus 8 or more boxed kinds, plus rice noodles. WOW!

Deli sandwiches and the new salads are now to be found in the cooler in the Garden Room. This gives us more room for veggies in the produce case and keeps the prepared foods a bit cooler. EGGS are in the big cooler now, too.

Just a reminder: be sure to pay for your salad or sandwich BEFORE you sit down in the Garden Room to eat! It’s a bit of a nuisance, we know, but it's important. It’s too easy to get involved with a friend or the rest of your shopping and forget all about it, otherwise. Thanks!

NEW ITEMS at the Co-op in September:

Dark chocolate cookies (YUM, and GOOD for you--YES!) * Hemp Milk

Kashi 7-whole-grain Flakes * Muir Glen Organic Soups * Several interesting kinds of crackers

two kinds of hot sauces–one chipotl!

The 12th Annual Holiday Bazaar

will be held at the Community Cultural Center on December 5 and 6. New vendors are welcome–call the CCC office at 486-1328 for more info. Put this great event on your calendar and look for the Library Book Sale this same weekend.

Basement ALERT Basement ALERT Basement ALERT

There’s going to be a big Basement Clean-up sometime this winter. Get your stuff out before January 1 to make sure it won’t get thrown away! Contact Marion at 486-1350 if you have questions or something that needs to stay in the basement.


We hope you have enjoyed this issue of The FireStarter.

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