Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
Serving Our Community Since 1977

MEMBERSHIP as of May 1, 2019

For only $50 you can become a Lifetime Member of the Co-op. Payments can be made at the rate of $10 per year; you would become a Lifetime Member in 5 years. Seniors over 65 can become Members for half the regular rate. Next time you visit the front counter, check to see your membership is current.

Member Benefits
Lifetime Members (and those current in their annual payments) are entitled to the following:

1. Members may serve on the Board of Directors.

2. Members may qualify for additional discounts by volunteering for store tasks or projects.

3. Members receive lower price on Member Sale items (items with regular and member sale price tags) seen throughout the store, usually designated by white shelf signs.

4. Members may order bulk foods at just 25% above wholesale cost from all our suppliers. The third Tuesday of each month is Member Appreciation Day and Members may order bulk foods from UNFI (our regular weekly supplier) at only 20% above wholesale cost.

5. Members are elligible to sell their goods (as approved by Store Manager) on consignment.

6. Members may leave and receive messages and packages here.

The REAL Benefit: By becoming a Member-Owner of Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op you are investing in a consumer owned business that supports local organic growers and employs local people, and by shopping at the Co-op you are keeping more of each dollar you spend in our local economy! You're ensuring the sustainability of a healthy business in a small community (pssst--and you don’t have to be a Member to shop here :-)

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These policies apply to food, supplement, personal care, and household products, other than consignment items, that are available from companies with whom we do business. Our main supplier is the distribution company *UNFI, but we order from a variety of other distributors and companies, as well.

35% over cost/wholesale for NON-MEMBERS
25% over cost/wholesale for MEMBERS
Member Appreciation Day: 20% over cost/wholesale for UNFI orders, for current Members, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month only. (Best time to order is after our lunch rush/ after 1:30pm :-)

DEADLINE for weekly UNFI orders is 3 pm THURSDAY for MONDAY PICKUP
(ask in Store for schedule for other distributors and companies)

ALL ORDERS must be PRE-PAID and will be ordered at the Co-op's earliest ability.

SHIPPING will be added when applicable

PRICES will be adjusted when your order arrives

SMALL AMOUNTS (non-case) of any item will be considered a "Special Retail Order" (not Bulk) and will be billed at the retail price, except for a $50 or more order of VITAMINS or PERSONAL CARE ITEMS from one supplier.

MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS--Bulk Price only applies if each company's order meets Bulk criteria; any of the multiples not qualifying as Bulk will be considered "Special Retail Orders" and will be billed at the retail price.

The Co-op has limited space:
Limit 2 FROZEN or 2 REFRIGERATED items per order

If your order is extremely large you may be asked to pick it up on Sunday.

(*UNFI--United Natural Foods, Inc-- is the leading U.S. independent national distributor of natural, organic, specialty foods and related products.)

(see an archived copy of previous policy pages)